The Wedding of Cris and Amanda- Crockwell Farm

On Friday I had the pleasure of shooting Amanda and Cris’s wedding at Crockwell Farm in Northamptonshire. I have known Cris since our school days so was very much looking forward to capturing his and Amanda’s big day and catching up with some old friends.

I arrived at Crockwell and once again we were blessed with a very sunny Winter’s day. I met up with Amanda and a few of her six bridesmaids as they were all getting ready at the venue. Crockwell is a lovely place to get married and has so many nice features, one of which is the bridal suite which leads downstairs to the ceremony room and meant that Amanda could escape being seen by Cris although we had a close shave at one point and I had to quickly pull the curtain as Cris arrived with their 6 month old son Leyton.

Cris was soon welcoming guests and chilling with the boys at the bar counting down the minutes till it was time to start the ceremony. Amanda looked amazing as she walked in with her proud father and there were quite a few people holding back tears as she embraced Cris and Leyton at the front of the aisle.

What with the weather being so good we managed to get some time outside making the most of the low sun for some couple and group shots before heading in for dinner.

It was soon time for the speeches and they provided a real mix of emotion and humour with Charles (Cris’s Best Man and Brother) recalling some funny stories and some even funnier past hair cuts of Cris’s one of which I too remember 🙂

As the evening guests arrived we did a few shots outside making the most of the well lit tree Crockwell has before heading back inside for Cris and Amanda’s first dance as husband and wife.

Cris and Amanda, we had a great day with you guys and it truly was a pleasure to be a part of the day and capture memories I’m sure you will treasure forever. I look forward to showing you your full collection but for now heres your sneak peek!

(Big thanks also to Paul Mannion for assisting on the day, great to have you along as always mate).

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-001

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-002

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-003

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-004

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-005

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-006

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-007

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-008

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-009

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-010

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-011

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-012

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-013

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-014

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-015

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-016

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-017

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-018

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-019

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-020

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-021

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-022

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-023

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-024

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-025

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-026

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-027

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-028

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-029

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-030

Crockwell- Farm-Wedding-Ross-Holkham-Photography-031

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